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DIY Vapor Supply now offers over 2000 unique flavors from the most popular flavor manufactures around the world such as Real Flavors (RF), The Flavor Apprentice (TDA), Flavor West (FW), Capella (CA), Flavour Art (FA), Bickford (BF), One on One (OO), Inawera (IW), Tasty Puff (TP), and more, with many more coming.

The CNPPA, DIY Vapor Supply and You!

The Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act of 2015 (CNPPA). Since its inception, DIY Vapor Supply has been thoroughly committed to offering products utilizing CR caps and Droppers for items containing nicotine. Irregardless of the lack of any requirement, rule, law or regulation, and despite the added costs, DIY Vapor Supply's commitment to Poisoning Prevention has been [...]

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30ml and Up!

Hello fellow DIY enthusiasts!Some of the larger size (30ml and up) Flavor Concentrates are temporarily unavailable for purchase :(They will be back up very soon - along with some new goodies ;)

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VG Flavor Concentrates!

Looking for ALL VG - ZERO PG Flavor Concentrates for your eliquid creations? Look no further, Real Flavors all natural 100% VG Flavor Concentrates are here! REAL FLAVOR CONCENTRATES!Give them a try - they are tasty, easy to work with and blend well with everything!

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Scheduled Maintenance

Just a heads up my fellow DIY'ers - Our website will be down for an hour Sunday, May 9th starting at 10pm Eastern for a scheduled maintenance, and lasting approximately an hour. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause :)

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1861 Flavors

Wow! 1861 Flavors and Counting - MANY more coming soon!Including Flavorah and Real Flavors VG!

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DIY is back online and operational! Took quite a bit longer than expected but not only is the website running smoother, but many DIY flavor concentrates are now searchable by type - for example fruits.Please let us know if you find any errors!

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One On One Flavors!

One on One Flavorings are now available for purchase! Sorbet, Cereal, Sherbet... yum!

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Apprentice and Flavor West Flavorings should all be up and available for purchase!Capella, Lorann's and Flavour Art to follow soon!

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Free Shipping!

Free Shipping on all Fog Facotry E-Liquids! Yummmm!

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