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Flavor Concentrates

DIY Flavor Concentrates and Extracts

Abbreviations are used to distinguish between manufacturers.  Example - Blueberry 3%. Is that Flavor Apprentice, Flavor West, Capella? Confused? Don't Worry! At DIY Vapor Supply we use the following to represent and differentiate manufacturers' flavors.

Please note, and cross reference with your recipe abbreviations, to help ensure you receive the correct products.

Manufacturer Abbreviations

BD - Bickford Flavors

CAP - Capella Flavors

DL - Delosi Flavors

TDA - DIY Apprentice  (TPA, PA, TFA, Flavor Apprentice)

DIY - Expert Flavors

FF - Faeries Finest

FH - Flavorah

FM - Flavor Monks

FP - Flavor Phoenix

FA - Flavour Art

HA - Hangsen

HC - Health Cabin SC

IW - Inawera Flavors

LB - Liquid Barn

LA - Lorann Super Strength Flavors

MB - Molin Berry Flavors

NF - Natures Flavors

NV - NicVape E-Flavors

OO - One on One Flavors

JF - RainForest Flavors

RF - Real Flavors VG

RFSC - Real Flavors SC

SM - Seedman Flavors

TP - Tasty Puff

WF - Wonder Flavors


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